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IAG Learning Platform Admin Guide
Information Advice and Guidance

icon picker

The “All Categories” view will display all of the categories already added to the IAGL Portal.
Each Category has a Name, A Description and an Icon and will be listed in the order that they were created.
From this view it is possible to toggle on/off whether to disable the category on the Portal (so that it can be seen but not opened), and to Delete the category entirely.
Warning: When deleting a category, any related subjects and content items will also be deleted.
To Create a New Category select the
button to display a basic form.
Enter an easy to understand Name, and a more full description of what the category might contain.
Selecting the Icon button will pop-up a set of pre-defined icons that can be used for the category
After making your selection the Icon will be displayed on the form:
To abandon your changes and remove the selected icon, select “Delete”.
When you are happy with the details entered and the Icon selected, click the
button to save your changes.

It is not possible to amend the category currently.
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