Syllabus - DevOps Bootcamp

Learn by doing with a hands-on and project based approach
Introduction to networking ​Networking fundamentals, OSI layer protocols, port forwarding, how the internet works, command line tools, and more.
Introduction to Linux ​Learn about the essentials of working with Linux, including some important commands.
Command line tools ​Various command line tools, bash scripting, regex, introduction to git, and more.
Docker ​Introduction to containers, hands-on demos, concepts, architecture, images, networking, best practices, development profiles, Docker Compose, Docker Swarm.
Kubernetes ​Introduction, architecture, set-up, objects, networking, storage, HA, monitoring, logging, production-ready applications.
Servers ​Introduction to web-servers, Nginx, and more.
CI/CD ​Setting up a CI/CD pipeline, GitHub Actions, Harness CI, Circle CI, and more.
Infrastructure as code ​Infrastructure provisioning, Terraform, Pulumi, configuration management, and more.
Monitoring and logging ​Monitoring tools and practices, Prometheus, Thanos, Grafana, Jaeger, New Relic, and more.
Service mesh ​Istio, Envoy, Linkerd, and more.
GitOps ​Manage infrastructure and application configurations using Git.
Working with cloud providers ​Learn about cloud providers, design patterns, and more.
Testing ​Create robust applications with application testing.
Chaos engineering ​The next step in testing.
Cloud native tools deep dive ​Navigating the Cloud Native tools landscape with a hands-on deep dive to get you started with the use-cases and contributor journey of various projects.

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