Syllabus - DevOps Bootcamp

Learn by doing with a hands-on and project based approach
Introduction to networking Networking fundamentals, OSI layer protocols, port forwarding, how the internet works, command line tools, and more.
Introduction to Linux Learn about the essentials of working with Linux, including some important commands.
Command line tools Various command line tools, bash scripting, regex, introduction to git, and more.
Docker Introduction to containers, hands-on demos, concepts, architecture, images, networking, best practices, development profiles, Docker Compose, Docker Swarm.
Kubernetes Introduction, architecture, set-up, objects, networking, storage, HA, monitoring, logging, production-ready applications.
Servers Introduction to web-servers, Nginx, and more.
CI/CD Setting up a CI/CD pipeline, GitHub Actions, Harness CI, Circle CI, and more.
Infrastructure as code Infrastructure provisioning, Terraform, Pulumi, configuration management, and more.
Monitoring and logging Monitoring tools and practices, Prometheus, Thanos, Grafana, Jaeger, New Relic, and more.
Service mesh Istio, Envoy, Linkerd, and more.
GitOps Manage infrastructure and application configurations using Git.
Working with cloud providers Learn about cloud providers, design patterns, and more.
Testing Create robust applications with application testing.
Chaos engineering The next step in testing.
Cloud native tools deep dive Navigating the Cloud Native tools landscape with a hands-on deep dive to get you started with the use-cases and contributor journey of various projects.

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