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Currently, I’m based out of Bengaluru and offer the most value to companies operating in the digital landscape. People around me and experiences carry substantial weight in my life. Internally, I have a principle of operating in a way that if things go south, I can look people in the eye knowing, the best foot was put forward. When I see an opportunity, I follow through. I aspire to achieve mastery, build a network and ultimately use the two to create impact. Time to time, my notions keep getting challenged, and I have grown through learning and adapting. I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science & Technology from VIT, Vellore.

More Stuff:

🍀 What inspires me?
Inspiration, appreciations, and celebrations fuel me. A lot of things inspire me in general but there are a few that always have a profound and positive impact on me. I've listed them below. Exposing myself to motivational content often helps me so, I would be full of gratitude if you would like to share a few with me.
🛸 Why I got into PM?
💡 Product Management is my Ikigai
In life there are things that you love doing, there are things that the world needs, there are things that you are good at, and there are things that are well-payed. the place where all these circles intersect, the Japanese call *** (生き甲斐, lit. 'a reason for being - having a sense of purpose)- in other words, it’s the reason to wake up every morning and feel that every day is a new opportunity to learn and improve.
🗿 Experiments/Projects
📦 Protocol DAO on Lens Protocol (Ongoing)
🤖 ChatGPT-powered Research Assistant (Ongoing)
🧮 External Partner: Imperial College x EJ Project (Ongoing)
❤️ A nudge app for wearables.
🐝 Sustainable Purchase Check through Knowledge Graphs in a browser extension a la Honey.
🌟 An anonymous catalog of underrepresented employees with a glassdoor-like business model.

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