My Mom is a Doctor Super Hero

Funny Doctor story for your toddler

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Dr. Super Hero Mommy
Author: Dhaval .D. Patel
Geethanjali .M.Sharma

Page 1

This is Mommy. She is an super hero. She is a doctor.

Page 2

Mommy loves to make his patients laugh!!
She has a big long nose, that she wears to work. It helps her smell when someone was feeling sick.

Page 3

She also has a stethoscope that she uses to listen to his patients' hearts, but sometimes she would accidentally hear a dog barking(bow bow) or a bird chirping (chirp chirp) instead!

Page 4

When someone is not feeling well they visit Mommy at her clinic. She asks her patients several questions about how they are feeling and then give them a lollipop to help them feel better.

Page 5

But sometimes she would give them broccoli flavored lollipop , just to see their silly faces!!

Page 6

When someone had a broken bone she would give them a giant banana shaped cast to make his patients giggle.

Page 7

She also has a magic box for the patients. Inside the box there are stickers that could cure Boo-Boos and a kazoo that she would play to make them laugh. If someone was feeling really down she also has rubber duck that she would squeeze to make them smile.

Page 8

Mommy loves being a doctor because she could make people feel better and make them laugh at the same time.

Page 9

And that's why she is the funniest doctor in town!

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