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Devin's Resume Doc - Coda DOCtorate Application
Coda DOCtorate Application

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Hello, I'm Devin!

Thanks for surfing to my little corner of the web!

🗺️ Where I’m from

I live, work, and do most of my dreaming in Louisville, KY! If you’ve never been before we have great and !
There’s so much more though, too! Louisville is the Gateway to the South which means we have a delicious farm-to-table food scene, amazing indie, Bluegrass, and country music and record shops, rolling fields and rivers and the World’s Largest Baseball Bat!

🛫 What I like to do

I am a talent agent who specializes in film and television. It seems strange to say that where I’m located but it’s true! I have booked talent throughout the Midwest (KY, IN, OH, Detroit, Chicago, and St Louis) and Southeast (Atlanta, Savannah, Richmond, VA, Wilmington, NC, Charleston, SC etc) as well as New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Denver, Vancouver, and on tours that take talent all over the world!
So, I work all the time and I love what I do but when I’ve got some time away you can find me in the (and sometimes in !), on a trail
, the dance floor, or !

❇️ How I learn

Reading is another passion of mine: give me the white paper and ALL the documentation!

🙋 Why I’m here

I want to learn more about creating easy-to-implement, data-driven tools to inspire me and my team to be both more creative and productive so we are always having fun!

Made with ❤️ and 🌮 in Louisville, KY thanks to Coda! ©️2021

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