Next Steps

Danielle Thompson


Coordinate with development team and set up initial calls for onboarding.
Gather examples and information regarding company requirements such as enterprise authentication software, document types, and security measures.
Provide access to the project's Slack channel for communication.

Lado Gogolidze


Work on the OCR model to identify different types of documents for conversion.
Collaborate with Lucas to create a user experience (UX) interface for companies to upload and tag components of documents.
Think through creating a flexible model, allowing institutions to create various templates
Consider implementing secondary authentication tools like one-time passwords or two-step authentication.
Assist in creating a flexible and scalable solution that will cater to various global institutions with different requirements (in the context of document uploading)

Muaz Rana


Decide on the specific cloud platform to be used, considering security and scalability.
Collaborate with Danielle to understand enterprise requirements, including safety and security, to make informed decisions about the cloud software.
Compile a list of questions that will help gather the necessary information to make decisions about the cloud platform.
Collect information needed to build a flexible and scalable solution that will cater to various global institutions with different requirements (in the context of data structure)

Lucas Sellanes


Analyze Requirements: Understand the needs of users who will upload and tag documents, including the types of documents and the expected workflow.
Design the User Interface: Create wireframes or mockups for the document upload flow, considering the options for tagging different components and highlighting text.

General Questions:

What kind of authentication methods are users within the companies using?
What tools or features from Microsoft, Google, AWS, or others are being utilized?
What are the security measures, such as secondary authentication tools or two-step authentication, being used by the companies?
What are the specific requirements, templates, and protocols for uploading and tagging documents for the first time?
What are the specific cloud platform requirements and considerations for the project?
What are the enterprise requirements for safety, security, and other essential aspects?
What flexibility is needed to cater to the various requirements of mega institutions around the world?
What's the plan for integrating with multiple different authenticators, as mentioned in the context of APIs?

General Next Steps:

Official Start Date (Monday): Begin the project officially with Muaz and Lado.
Gather Specific Requirements: Understand specific requirements from different companies and their structures.
User Experience Development: Develop a user experience that enables companies to upload documents and tag components for the model to read.
Security Measures: Implement best practices for security, including understanding authentication used within the companies.

Schedule and Deadlines:

Week 1-2: Onboarding, initial calls with the development team, and gathering foundational information.
Week 3-4: Develop the plan for OCR modeling, UX interface, and finalize decisions regarding the cloud platform.
Week 5-6: Begin development of key components and continue to refine requirements as needed.
Ongoing: Regular communication, updates, and adjustments as the project progresses.


Flexibility is key due to varying requirements across different institutions around the world.
Collaboration and open communication between the team members will be essential for a successful outcome.
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