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Tourist Traps

Tour Tickets

Make sure you understand what is included in the tour you’re booking. Some companies offer just the price of the transfer and you end up paying tickets separately so just make sure tickets are included.

Taxi service

Avoid using it if you haven’t agreed on the approximate price in advance. Check Uber prices for the reference or if your phone is off, make sure the taximeter is on.

Currency Exchange Offices

Some of them, especially during tourist season, gauge with their conversion rates. Before accepting the exchange, make sure what the are on that day. If their commission seems to be exaggerated, try somewhere else.


Perhaps you haven’t come across an ATM scam before, and if that is the case, we are happy for you. But to play it safe, you can read
about most common ATM scams. Our suggestion is to withdraw money from a reputable bank.

Buffet Fife

It used to be very popular spot to enjoy local dishes. Unfortunately, in recent years it has become a victim of it’s own popularity and nowadays, at peak times, they serve pre-made dishes, staff is rude and they do too quick of a turn-around. We point it out just because hotel staff still recommends it as a default.

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