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Getting around

Uber or Bolt

If in hurry use Uber or Bolt to get around. These are the safest and most efficient options. Please remember:
Check the license plate before getting in.
If you’re uncertain of an area please share your ride with a friend.
Uber will also be a good option to take from the airport. Just follow instructions in the app on where to meet the driver, since they can not use the same parking as regular Taxis.


Make sure you ask for the approximate price of the ride before taking a regular taxi. They shouldn’t charge more than approx 30% higher, compared to Uber. Don’t get


Rent a bike in Split: Split is not very bike friendly but it’s still worth exploring some good routes.
Nextbike: Download the app and you can rent bikes from marked locations throughout the city.


Local Bus: The local bus service is but it’s much easier to get around with Uber, Bolt or Nextbike.

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