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Jong Hyuck (Dennis) Won
A core protocol developer at Harmony, sharding-based 1st layer proof-of-stake consensus protocol for decentralized scalability.
- Experienced in scalable, robust backend systems engineering with user-friendly API design.
- Also experienced in SDK development (Javascript, java, go) and Android mobile development.
- Language-wise: Javascript, go, Java, C++, python, solidity, etc.
- Full-stack engineer. Fast-learner.
- Interest in: Open finance (Defi), cross-border finance, 2nd layer scaling solutions, privacy on-chain, decentralized identity (DID), etc.
Previous experiences:
- Tech lead at a Light-field 3D graphics & computer vision technology startup called Leia, inc. Led the engineering of developer SDKs for real-time 3D model generation, rendering and streaming using in-house trained deep neural networks.
- Senior software engineer on Facebook VR team. Developed key features of Facebook’s VR video streaming and communication technology. Author of Facebook’s open source project 360 Capture SDK (, a GPU-accelerated video encoding SDK that enables game developers to easily integrate VR live streaming capability into their games.
- B.S. Computer science from Stanford University. Focus: artificial intelligence and information retrieval studies under the advisory of Prof. Andrew Ng.
- Student entrepreneur. VP of Business Association of Stanford Entrepreneurial Students (BASES)
More facts:
A former pre-med student during his first 2 years at Stanford, and worked as a biomedical researcher at a Cardiovascular stem cell lab at Stanford Medical Center with Professor Joseph Wu. Dennis is the winner of Seaborg SIYSS award from Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) (2010), being invited to present his cancer research during the Nobel Prize ceremony in 2010. Dennis is also a former US Math Olympiads Finalist (2009).

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