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Release Notes: May 20, 2021

On May 20th 2021 at 8:00pm CST we released a new version of the Publishing Solution. Below are the updates and fixes we made to the platform.
Highlights: Media Manager | UpContent Updates | Manage Failed Posts | Archive Report
Fix: Ability to access app from Safari browser.

Update: Enhanced fetching to update all social network feeds regularly.
Update: Adding Feeds made easier.
Fix: Updating Twitter feed activities.

Social Networks
Update: Manage own social networks permission allows users to share and enable their own FB pages.
Update: Disabled Facebook Personal Page Image.
Update: Newly added Facebook accounts will have FB pages enabled by default.
Fix: Search Bar in Accounts: "X" clear the search term.

Update: Default approval workflow is applied for posts with keywords and cannot be edited by users.
Update: Ability to attach previously uploaded images/video from Media Library to your post.
May-19-2021 11-07-46.gif
Fix: Twitter character count validation limits posting to Twitter with more than 280 characters.
Fix: Persistent keyword highlighting after deletion of keyword.

Media: New Feature
NEW: All users can upload images/videos in Media Product.
NEW: All uploaded media displays social networks acceptable file sizing and format validations.
View Validations.gif
NEW: All media can be sorted by date, type and name.
NEW: All media can be named and organized in folders.
Media Folder.gif

Content Library
Update: Ability for Admins to share folders/posts explicitly with selected users.
Update: Ability for only Admins to edit/delete folders/posts.
Update: Ability for Approvers to Decline Pending posts.
CL approve.gif
Update: Removed additional approval workflows for approved posts.
Fix: Posts are displayed without text overflow in the card view.
Fix: Approved posts do not require additional approval workflows.

Content Curation
Update: Content Curation has a new UI Look with the ability to manage your own collections.
Upcontent manage.gif
Update: Added new collections: "Lifestyle" & "Banking Regulatory".
Update: Ability to add "custom" collections for specific institutions.
Update: Ability to view the article in the post.
Fix: Posts are displayed without text overflow in the card view.
Fix: Ability to schedule UpContent posts at a future date/time.

New: “Failed Posts” Tab to display only failed posts with the ability to view the reason for failure.
New: Ability for a user to retry failed posts.
Update: Ability to view the "posted to" social networks in a post even after the social network is deleted/disabled.
Fix: “Back to Posts” from details view of a post, navigates user back to the page they were in.
Fix: The link variables are displayed without being truncated.
Fix: Post list view of posts displays thumbnail of an attached image.

Fix: "Invalid Activity" Alerts message.

Fix: Search results do not display excluded terms.

Archive Report
Update: Ability to view and export Direct messages for Facebook and Twitter.
Update: Ability to view and export social networks activity after deletion/inactive status.
Update: Ability to view the source of the post in exported report.
Update: Ability to view Approvers and time of approval of the post in exported report.
Screen Shot 2021-05-19 at 7.13.48 PM.png
Fix: Ability to view/export all the multiple images associated with a post.
Fix: Ability to view/export video posts link for selected social network.
Fix: Ability to view/export all comments and likes associated with a post.

Link Shortener Report
Fix: Shortened Links exported PDF displays the number of link clicks.

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