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Release Notes: 2.21 Hotfixes

March 4th 2022 2.21.2
Fix: LinkedIn socialActions reduce fetching requests.

March 15th 2022: 2.21.3
Fix: Compose: Twitter character counter includes hashtag and shortened links.
Fix: Compose: Validation has been added to stop user from posting more than 280 characters to Twitter
Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 7.45.44 PM.png
Fix: Compose: Ability to shorten calendar links and URLs with ‘@’ symbol.
Fix: Compose: Text editor supports special characters from UpContent articles.
Fix: Content Library Folders displays thumbnail preview of the latest post added.
Fix: Ability to view multiple images in post details.
Fix: Ability to navigate to the URL in the post details via the shortened link.
Update: Post Details: Clicking on the image in the Overview tab, opens a gallery view of all the attached media.

media gallery.gif
Fix: Dashboard: Ability to delete and re add add new feeds for selected social network.
Fix: Listening: Ability to add and save notes on search results.
Fix: Social Media Post Reports for Facebook pages are generated.
Fix: Summary Reports are delivered on selected date and time.

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