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Release Notes: 2.17 Hotfixes

2.17 was release May 20th 2021
May 21st 2.17.1
Fix: Ability for users to view posts only for their own/shared social networks

May 25th 2.17.2
Fix: Single email will ever go out for Social network refresh
Fix: API rate limits
Fix: False negatives for needing refresh. (GraphAPI error)
Fix: Race conditions
June 2nd 2.17.3
Fix: Logs: Notes/Hide
Fix: Exporting search results Report
Fix: Exact Search Term results
Fix: Filter Exclude Terms in search results
June 30th 2.17.8
Fix: Rate Limit error:
Added an additional check on the rate limit errors. We had an implicit check, but some edges may not have been getting caught with the exception we were looking for. Now with the latest push there is both implicit RetryException check as well as explicit return_code check that will block the network for 15 minutes due to rate limiting. (non technical)
Fix: Post Duplication:
Lock Social Network Posts at a lower level via cache locking to prevent duplicates.
Check the previous state of Social Network Posts prior to sending them to a network.
Fix: LinkedIn video upload:
Increase LinkedIn Video upload timeout from 1 second to 30 seconds.
Increase LinkedIn Video upload retries from 10 to 30.
Increase Posting lock mechanism cache time to facilitate long post times on LinkedIn (from 15 minutes to 15 hours max). This also will reduce the likelihood of duplicate posts.
July 13th 2.17.9
Fix: LinkedIn video upload
July 19th 2.17.10
Fix: Search Accounts with Twitters

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