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Receiving Practice

This will help you to feel supported in your connections with others, whether that be platonic, romantic or professional.


While simple in theory, this is potentially one of the more difficult practices.
The premise is simple: to ask for and receive support from connections in your life. This will be potentially powerful from men in particular.
Start simple; ask for support from a friend in your life. It can be really basic, like asking for a ride, an answer to a question, a coffee, etc.
Make sure you ask people who you know will say yes.
The goal is to begin to get a feeling for what it is like to ask for and receiving support.
After about 1 month, as you get more confident, start asking for greater forms support from more and more people.
Borrowing a small sum of money from a friend, asking a stranger for directions.
Begin making an effort to ask for support from men in particular.
A note here, make sure to keep your boundaries solid when asking for support from men. The following practice will be helpful for this. Make sure that when you ask for support, they give you exactly what it was you asked for and don’t try too offer or push for more.
At this stage you may get turned down more than before, but don’t let that deter you. You have already experienced what it is like to ask for and receive support, so hearing “no” will be easy.


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