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Masturbation Practice

This is a self pleasure practice that is done intentionally without any pornographic stimuli. This container and intention will help to strengthen your boundaries and control in relation to sexual and fire energy.


It is a way to invite pleasure and kundalini energy into your experience in an intentional and controlled manner.


Go somewhere comfortable and private. Set the mood however feels good for you: candles, music, etc.
Start fully clothed with a somatic and mental check in. Notice any judgements or assumptions that may come up.
Regulate your breathing to be deep and rhythmic.
Start by slowly and intentionally undressing yourself. Explore yourself as you do: feel parts of your body that you normally don’t. Some may be smooth, others hairy. Notice how and where you enjoy touching yourself, without moving to your genitals.
Continue to regulate your breathing and stay in your body.
When you feel ready, you may begin to stimulate your genitals however you prefer. You may get excited or feel like getting caught up in the pleasure and enjoyment of the experience. I encourage you to stay present in your body and breathing, to not get swept away in the experience. Invite your whole body into the practice by touching more than your genitals.
Practice edging (edging is the practice of coming as close as possible to orgasm but refraining at the last moment.)
Do this several times, bringing yourself to the edge but stopping just before. Play with how far you can go and how many times you can edge.
Practice the 80/20 rule: 80% finish this practice without any orgasm, 20% let it the orgasm happen.
One of the goals of this exercise is to practice controlled self pleasure without orgasm.


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