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Energy Grounding Exercise

This practice is meant to help you ground in yourself during times when you’re feeling pressured or anxious.


Stop and put down whatever it is you’re doing.
Take a deep breath deep into your belly, filling your lungs, and slowly breath out.
Bring your awareness to the space around you and feel your feet on the ground. Look at where you are. Feel your feet on the ground. Take note of any boundaries (walls of the room, solid trees around you if outside).
Take 5 deep breaths.
Feel your awareness going deep into the earth, all the way to the molten core.
As you inhale, visualize drawing this earth core energy into yourself through your feet and legs.
As you exhale, visualize spreading this energy through your entire body.
Feel your feet firmly rooted on the ground.
Visualize solid beams of light running through your entire body and out your feet, keeping you rooted to the earth.


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