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Candle Gazing

This will help support your heart and bring more fire into your world. It is a very basic exercise, but powerful nonetheless.


Light a candle.
Take a moment to center in your body, focusing on your breath.
Shift your attention to the candle.
Notice how it dances and moves.
Meditate on the flame.
Let yourself be open to what comes through: thoughts or feelings, etc. Take note and let yourself follow different threads of thought and emotions.
Eventually begin to incorporate your breath.
Visualize drawing the flame of the candle into your heart with your breath.
Let the flame fill your heart and begin to radiate throughout your entire body, eventually filling you completely.
Once you feel full with the fire, you can release the candle by taking 3 deep breaths, blowing out the candle on the exhale of the 3rd breath.
Take note of how long after the practice you feel “full” with fire. Does it last for several hours? Several days?


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