Springs Rescue Mission - Compliance As A Service

1. Introduction

The objective of this engagement is to provide comprehensive compliance services to Springs Rescue Mission (SRM), ensuring adherence to relevant regulations, standards, and best practices within SRM’s industry. Rooted Software will assist SRM in identifying, implementing, and maintaining effective compliance measures to mitigate risks and achieve regulatory compliance.

2. Scope of Services

Conducting an initial assessment of SRM’s current compliance status, including identifying regulatory requirements applicable to SRM's operations.
Developing a customized compliance framework tailored to SRM’S specific industry, size, and geographical location.
Providing ongoing monitoring and assessment of regulatory changes and updates relevant to SRM’S business.
Assisting SRM in implementing policies, procedures, and controls to address compliance requirements.
Conducting regular compliance audits and assessments to evaluate the effectiveness of the compliance program.
Providing guidance and support to SRM in addressing compliance issues and remediation efforts.
Offering training and education sessions to SRM's employees to enhance awareness and understanding of compliance obligations.
Providing access to compliance management tools, resources, and templates to facilitate compliance efforts.
Ensure SRM qualifies and remains compliant to receive needed Cyber Liability Insurance (to be provided by 3rd party Insurance broker directly to SRM, not via Rooted Software).
The following deliverables will be provided as part of the Compliance as a Service engagement:
Initial compliance assessment report outlining current compliance status and areas for improvement.
Customized compliance framework tailored to SRM's specific needs and requirements.
Regular compliance reports summarizing regulatory updates, assessments, and audit findings.
Documentation of policies, procedures, and controls implemented to address compliance requirements.
Records of compliance training sessions conducted for SRM’s employees.
Recommendations and action plans for addressing compliance issues and implementing remediation measures.
Customer compliance dashboard-giving SRM real-time metrics and updates.
Roles and Responsibilities
The Provider is responsible for delivering the compliance services outlined in this SOW according to industry best practices and standards.
SRM is responsible for providing necessary access to information, resources, and personnel required for the successful delivery of Compliance as a Service.
Both parties will collaborate closely throughout the engagement to ensure alignment with SRM's goals and objectives.
Both parties agree to maintain the confidentiality of any proprietary or sensitive information shared during the engagement.

2.1 Level of Service

Four monthly hour-long meetings to review compliance concerns and improvements.
Three hours monthly of security-control work.
SRM retains the ability to downgrade service levels to either "Mid" or "Low" with a 30-day advance notice.
One monthly hour-long meeting to review compliance concerns and improvements.
Two hours monthly of security-control work.
One quarterly hour-long meeting to review compliance concerns and improvements.
One hour monthly of security-control work.

3. Fee Structure

3.1 CAAS Monthly Support Breakdown
Unit Cost
Total Cost
High (per endpoint)
Mid (per endpoint)
Low (per endpoint)
CIS Compliance
HIPPA Compliance
PCI Compliance
There are no rows in this table

4. Contract Terms and Conditions

Duration of Support: The technical support services outlined in this SOW will be provided on an ongoing basis for the duration of the agreement between SRM and Rooted Software and will automatically renew at the end of this contract date.
Terms and Conditions: The terms and conditions governing this engagement, including service levels, response times, and any additional charges, are outlined

5. Billing Terms and Timeline

Estimated Contract Timeline

Start Date: 05/01/2024
Renewal Date: 04/30/2025
Work begins 15 business days from signing

Estimated Monthly Cost

Estimated Total Annual Cost
This Contract will automatically renew on 04/30/2025
All invoices are net 15 terms from the date sent.

6. Acceptance

If you accept the project summary, scope, pay schedule, and terms as listed above, please use the e- signature function below to proceed. Please reach out to Benjamin Armstrong with any questions or concerns.

Customer Representative Name & Title

Customer Representative Signature

Rooted Software Representative Name & Title

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