Blackhawk GHAD - GIS Reporting Platform Scoping

1. Introduction

The objective of this engagement is for Rooted Software to provide an extensive scoping of Blackhawk GHAD’s existing GIS platform, as well as to document requirements for its replacement. The goal is to present a clear path forward for Blackhawk GHAD, to create a new, and reliable, GIS System.

2. Scope of Services

3 Interviews to discuss:
Requirements and business processes relating to the GIS and related systems
Gaps and pain points
Addressing desired outcomes (including but not limited to)
Geospatial Layer Addition
Incident Tracking
Updates for parcel information
Editing Functions
Query Functions
Reporting Schemes
Modern Visualization
Design requirements
Evaluation of existing systems including the current GIS, as well as work completed by 3rd party consultants
Access and security permissions to view existing systems will be requested, to assist with requirement documentation
Documentation regarding requirements gathered from interviews and system evaluations
Requirements of the existing platforms
Requirements of the new platform
Priorities of requirements
Review and sign-off of these prioritized requirements
Evaluation of solutions
Written report of our recommended path forward to develop a new GIS according to the approved requirements, and next steps
A proposal to fully replace the Legacy GIS based on the clearly defined scope

3. Included Services

Project Manager
Senior Software Developer
Executive Sponsor

4. Assumptions and Requirements

Rooted Software will require the following items
Access to servers
Access to databases
Access to Legacy GIS and tools created by 3rd party consultants
If additional access or materials are needed, we will request in writing
The deliverables for this proposal consist of scoping prioritized requirements for a new GIS platform. Rooted will also share a proposal to build this platform for based on the findings of this scoping proposal.
This proposal does not include any build out of the new platform.
This is a fixed price project; any work falling outside this scope of work will be charged at an overage hourly rate of $205/hr.

5. Fee Structure

5.1 Scoping Price
Fixed Price
There are no rows in this table

6. Contract Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions: The terms and conditions governing this engagement, including service levels, response times, and any additional charges, are outlined

57. Timeline

Estimated Contract Timeline

Start Date: March 25, 2024
End Date: May 15, 2024
Work begins 15 business days from signing.

8. Acceptance

If you accept the project summary, scope, pay schedule, and terms as listed above, please use the e- signature function below to proceed. Please reach out to Benjamin Armstrong with any questions or concerns.

Customer Representative Name & Title

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Rooted Software Representative Name & Title

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