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Bay Philharmonic Conversion Engine

Conversion Engine Project Timeline

Day 1-14

Task #1: Access Audit In the first phase of the Conversion Engine (Digital Plumbing), we will work with you to gain access to your digital assets, which are referenced under section.
Task #2 - Digital Plumbing - Pre-Requisite, completion of task #1The second part of the Digital Plumbing phase is executed by our team to establish tracking for your source traffic, which includes your Facebook Pixel, website traffic, and remarketing audiences and page fans.
* This will require a list from your CRM or email management software to generate lookalike audiences in Meta platforms.
Task #3: Strategy AssessmentYou will define your success metrics with a strategy assessment for us to understand how to measure our results against your . This is the foundation of how we determine what you consider successful in your campaigns, the content that you should create and promote, and who should be targeted. We will also work together to create an that will guide ad targeting.
Task #4: Create Snapshot ReportWe will create a Snapshot Report for you that serves as a report card for your online presence. The goal is to steadily increase your overall ranking to 90% or higher if you wish to be in the top 10% within your industry regarding your online presence.
Task #5: Content LibraryWe will create and manage a Content Library where we house and organize your top content and all of your posts, and keep track of your positive media mentions. Just like how Netflix arranges a selection of thousands of shows, a Content Library is essential to spread your message effectively to your audience and yourself by creating authority over time with the positive mentions you've collected and insert them into articles as part of your public figure page.
Task #6: Success Tracker ReportingWe will create and manage a Success Tracker as it’s used as the main interface for tracking your project. As a business owner, you want to be working on your business instead of working in your business, and this document will help you immensely. It is updated on a monthly basis to track measurable results for your project, actionable items, an executive summary of key points, and detailed information regarding the entirety of your project.
Report includes: Audience Analysis & Keyword Performance

Day 15-21

Task #7: 3x3 Video Grid We will work with you to organize a 3x3 video grid that will be used to build the foundation for your content. This consists of 3 WHY, 3 HOW, and 3 WHAT videos to fulfill a full grid.

3 x 3 Grid

3x3 Video Grid Model.png

Day 22 - 60

Task #8: Meta ‘Dollar A Day Strategy’ - Prerequisite, completion of task #7 Dollar a Day strategy will be used in three phases:
7-Day Boost: A test period to determine which videos meet our Standard of Excellence to move into the next phase.
30-Day Boost: If a video meets our standard of excellence, it will be boosted for an additional 30 days.
Evergreen: Once a video has completed the 7-day and 30-day boost period, the video will be placed in your Content Library as one of your Greatest Hits. The video will be edited and reposted to run continuously while being monitored for optimal performance.

Day 60 - 90

Task #9: Crossposting to other Platforms
All videos included in the 3 x 3 grid will be crossposted to your Google Business Profile (Google My Business) page, YouTube, Linkedin and converted into a blog post to increase your presence on Google for organic search results.
Task #10: Google Ads Management (Ad Grant and Youtube) Gain further trust and credibility with potential customers by using Google Search (Text) ads to help you connect with people who search on Google for the services you offer. Your ads will show up for customers in your service area, targeted and amplified by crossposting efforts.
Task #11: Reactivation Campaign (Prototype) We will set up and run reactivation campaigns through email. They are one-time campaigns. These may include promos for future events, loyalty programs, review harvesting, ect.
Task #12: Comprehensive Analysis and Next Steps

Timeline: 90 Days For Execution

Investment: $2,800 per month - First month up front + 2 monthly payments (invoiced NET 14)

*Does not include landing page creation, shopping cart management, content production, financial reporting

Options after 90 days
Services: SEO Audit and Keyword Analysis, Landing Page Optimization, Event and PR Marketing, Email Campaigns, Promotional Calendar, Marketing Operating System
Fractional CMO : Guide overall marketing strategy & execution support, and training

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