DRW - Streamline Lou Brien Outbound Email Process

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This is a DRAFT.

10/24/2023 Meeting Recap


The goal is to help Lou automate and better manage the emails he sends out containing market commentary/updates. Currently the process is manual and outdated.
Discussed using Outlook to trigger a workflow that would send Lou's emails into Salesforce for further distribution. This would allow APIs to access the content later.
Need ability for Lou to easily send to different contact lists/groups from Outlook.
Require subscribe/unsubscribe functionality for recipients to manage themselves.
Testing required on send speed/latency, especially for internal recipients where timely delivery is critical.
Discussed capturing interaction data in Salesforce for opens/clicks. Lower priority than timely delivery.
Also discussed posting content to Slack via APIs for real-time visibility.


Automated way to get Lou's Outlook emails with content into Salesforce
Manage/distribute to different contact groups
Add subscribe/unsubscribe links
Ensure timely send speed, especially for internal users
Capture interaction data if possible
Access content via APIs (for Slack, archiving, etc)

Next Steps:

Estimate prototype effort
Test latency for sends
Check size of contact lists
Setup initial workflow from Outlook to Salesforce
Discuss prioritizing for current quarter or next
Determine project costs and allocation

Scope Summary

@David Cockrum
to tighten Version 1 (below) up a bit more.
Version 1
Scope Component
Client Responsibilities
Estimated Timing (Weeks)
Estimated Hours
Email to Salesforce automation
Setup process to automatically flow Lou's Outlook emails into Salesforce records
Lou will consistently send to designated email address(es) that will trigger flows
Configured email-to-Salesforce automation
Provide sample emails, designate email address(es)
Contact list management
Import contact lists, configure distribution groups for segmentation, setup subscription preferences
Client will provide contact data to import
Imported contacts, configured distribution groups and preferences
Provide contact lists/data to import
Send configuration
Configure sends for timely delivery, optimize for performance
Contacts under 5,000
Send configurations for performance
Provide send volumes/frequency, contact counts
Interaction tracking
Enable tracking of opens, clicks, etc.
Using standard Salesforce email tracking
Configured activity tracking
Identify required tracking metrics
API access
Provide API access to content for integrating with other systems
Standard Salesforce API access
API access to content
Define requirements for API usage
There are no rows in this table

Key Assumptions

Scope and estimates are based on initial requirements and may change as additional details are provided
Effort estimates do not include project management, testing, or documentation unless explicitly called out
Timing estimates assume consecutive weeks and availability of client resources when needed
Estimates are for reference only and do not constitute a binding quote
Assumes client will provide timely access to systems, data, and resources required
Does not include costs for third-party software, licensing, or other related expenses
Travel expenses not included unless otherwise noted
Effort required for change requests will impact estimates and be handled through formal change control process
Hours are estimated in good faith but may vary depending on numerous factors
Estimate excludes applicable taxes
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