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Law School Admissions Checklist and Results Tracker Template

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Resources on financial aid.
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Berkeley FinAid:

From their website:
Scholarship awardees should review their offer letter and the Gift Aid Acceptance Agreement Form carefully to determine how and when they must accept or decline their offer(s). In accordance with the, no scholarship recipient will be required to accept before April 1.
To accept an award, you must decline all other offers of admission that you have received at that time. You must also (1) Submit the Gift Aid Acceptance Agreement Form, and (2) Complete your Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) via CalCentral and firmly accept our offer of admission. A “tentative” intent to enroll is not sufficient to accept a gift aid offer. Other pertinent details about our gift aid policies are included in the Acceptance Agreement.
The reconsideration process will take place March 20-May 1. While you may submit a request before March 20, the inbox will not be opened prior to that date, and no action will be taken on your request. Please do not expect to receive any correspondence regarding your request before March 25 at the earliest.
Reconsideration requests will not be deemed timely if submitted after May 1. Funds may be exhausted and it is highly unlikely we will grant any reconsideration requests from that point forward.
Only one reconsideration request will be considered per admitted student. Choose wisely!
If you have accepted a Berkeley Law scholarship, then you may not request reconsideration unless you receive a new scholarship offer from a law school where you were not admitted prior to your accepting our offer.
You will be notified via email if your reconsideration request is approved or denied. The email will serve as your updated offer; a new award letter will not be generated.
Again, we will not consider any request made outside of the formal process identified above.

Northwestern FinAid

Via email
1.All scholarships are awarded on a combined basis of merit and financial need. Apart from your GPA and LSAT score, please assess your position for merit aid. Please also discuss your financial need for aid (e.g., estimated amount of military/VA benefits (if applicable), family circumstances, undergraduate student loan debt, past Pell Grant eligibility). (300-500 words)
2. Please describe in detail how Northwestern Pritzker Law will uniquely help you reach your short-term and long-term career goals. (300-500 words)


Forward all scholarship offers of peer schools to
Michigan will only reconsider your offer once, so wait until you've received all of your financial aid information.

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