Different Types of Google Ads to Achieve your Business Success

You've probably seen all different types of Google Ads over the past twenty years without realizing it unless you've been living under a rock. Perhaps you came across a fasting app advertisement while reading about weight loss. Or perhaps you were shopping for sneakers and saw a deal on a pair in the Google search results. These ads were from Google!
While Google Advertising may appear a little confusing at first, like all things that initially appear to be difficult, Google advertising becomes considerably simpler if the process is broken down into its component parts. Exactly that is what we are doing in this essay. A can help your business reach more potential customers using the right kind of Google Ads.

Top 5 Types of Google Ads

Now that you are familiar with the fundamentals of Google Ads, let's explore the five different Google AdWords campaign types and see how you can utilize them to promote your company.

1. Google search ads

On the pages of the Google search engine results, there are text adverts called Google search ads (SERPs). Your search advertising may show up either at the very bottom of the page or at the top above the organic search results.
You may contact customers who are looking for the goods and services you provide by targeting terms with buyer intent. You can draw in customers who are wanting to buy dog beds, for instance, by targeting phrases like "dog beds cheap" in your Shopify store. to get PPC service in Kochi, Kerala which includes Google search ads.

2. Display ads

This is one of the important types of Google Ads. Display ads are image-based and allow you to target people who are probably interested in your items but aren't actively seeking them, whereas search ads are text-based and help you target specific keywords.
As you browse your favorite websites, advertising campaigns are frequently visible. They might, however, also show up in films, apps, or your Gmail account.

3. Video ads

Due to the fact that YouTube is a part of Google and functions similarly to a search engine but only for videos, you can target potential clients on the platform based on what they are watching. Also, you have a sizable audience to target with more than 2 billion users worldwide.
Before, during, or after YouTube videos as well as in the search results are displayed in your video ad campaigns.

4. Shopping ads

Product-based ads are Google Shopping Ads. These are specifically displayed for Google product searches.
Shopping ads display a product image along with its title, price, store name, and reviews, in contrast to standard search ads. In essence, they give customers crucial product details prior to their visit to an online store.

5. App Ad campaigns

Do you have a mobile app for your company? You may advertise your app with Google Advertising across all of Google's major websites, including Google Play, YouTube, Search, and the Google Display Network.

Different Types of Google Ads to Achieve your Business Success - Summary

This article will help you learn about different types of Google Ads.
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