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How to Make Self-Corrections on Mobile App for Dance Routines

Interactive learning for all dancers and dance teachers in performing arts!
Download the FREE version of HudI Technique from the Apple Store or Google Play on your mobile device or tablet.
2. If you already have an account for HudI Technique, skip steps 3-5 and log in.
3. At the bottom of the screen, it will ask if you are a coach. Select NO if you are a student. Select YES if you are a dance instructor.
4. The application will then take you through a short tutorial on how you can operate the application. Click next, back, or skip at your own discretion.
5. You will then go to the sign-up page to create an account. Log-in with YOUR or your PARENT'S E-MAIL ADDRESS AND INFORMATION. Select your primary sport as DANCE.
6. At the starter screen toward the bottom, you will find a RED circle with the word REC in white. Click on REC.
7. The application will ask you to accept the microphone and camera. Select allow.
8. The app will take you to the camera screen. If you do not have any of your dance routines recored, you can record yourself doing the routine in your own home. If you have dance routines recorded click IMPORT on the lower right hand corner to import a routine. Select the recording(s) and click IMPORT at the top right corner.
9. On the next screen you can add your own comments, techniques, persons in the video, and who to share it with. Click SAVE VIDEO.
10. Once the video(s) have downloaded, click on one to begin self-corrections.
11. Select the TRIANGLE on the lower left-hand side to play the routine. When you see a dance skill or movement that needs attention PAUSE the video. Select the pencil on the right upper hand corner and select a writing tool. Circle, draw or angle on the movement that needs correcting. During times of corrections, you can compare the same routine but a different recording to see if the same mistake has been made.
12. In the first example, I have CIRCLED Kenzie's, soloist, right hand in both videos because her right palm is not looking forward but her left palm is.
13. Clear the marks and continue making self-corrections with the provided tools. Be sure to write or draw POSITIVE critiques in your routines as well!
14. Once you have made self-corrections, take a PICTURE and SHARE with your dance friends and teachers! Enjoy!
Questions about the application?! Contact Mrs. Benicia at or direct message me on IG @dancemrsb !

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