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Digital Story Telling

Hi Dancers! Let's get creative with dance while we are at home during this time of Covid-19. Each one of you have dance routines that have a story line or theme. Pick one dance routine and create a digital story using Adobe Spark. Follow the steps below and create! Here is an example:

Download Adobe Spark Video through the Apple Store or Google Play.
2. Set-up an account with your parent's email information.
3. Once your account is set-up, there is a short video tutorial on how to create a digital story. After watching, press the red button with a white plus sign at the bottom of the screen to go to the starter page.
4. Use the storyline or theme in one of your dance routines as motivation to prepare your digital story.
Example: Little kid explorers are going on an adventure to see the world! The hop on a rocket ship to see different places around the world. The first destination is California. After having fun in California, they go on an airplane and encounter turbulence! Once they land from their flight, they arrive safely to their next destination which is Egypt!
5. Import or pick photos from the free photo library on the app. You can import videos from dance routines as well.
6. After importing pictures and videos that are related to the dance routine, you can change the layout, add colors, wording and music.
7. Once you are done creating your digital story, click on the share button at the upper right hand corner. You can e-mail me the link at to your completed digital story.
Can't wait to see your digital stories! 💖
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