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Law of averages

The Law Of Averages

The law of averages (LOA’s) is an imperative part of understanding marketing. It is the simplest way to find buyers amongst the non-buyers. When defining the buyers versus the non-buyers, your ratios will change according to how successful you are at exposing the message.
The law of averages works simultaneously with the marketing systems- An average is the most likely outcome. The law: There must be a consistent input to get an accurate average.
In order to have a predictable result the input must be as consistent as possible, and we must try and remove as many variables as possible. The three parts of the system which need to be consistent to guarantee results are: Pitch, Pace, Attitude.
Pitch: Your Skills (Learn the Master Pitch ASAP) – Tonality and Body language are 93% of your communication.
Pace: Your Work Ethic: Be urgent. The more people that see your product the more people that will purchase your product/service.
Attitude: Enthusiasm / Mindset/ Grit/ Determination/ Perseverance. This must be positive, a winning mindset. No excuses. This is the most difficult as attitude isn’t tangible. Working on yourself and educating yourself is key to understanding this skill.
The main elements are:
Seeing the people: The more people you see the more YES’s you will find. You have to see many people consecutively to allow the LOA to work properly. It is possible with the LOA’s to find all the buyers at the start of the day, throughout the day or all at the end of the day. Therefore, don’t give up and remember it is vital to see the people. If we compare two petrol stations; one station is on a main street with heavy traffic and the other is on a back street. The main street petrol station has better sales because more people see it, know where it is, it is more convenient, and other people use it. This is a perfect analogy to our Law of Averages; the more people that see your product, the more product people will purchase – providing they like what they see!
Working Territory: The key to working any area is not to prejudge, as you never know who will be interested. Speak to everyone.
Having a Positive Attitude: Your attitude determines how many people would actually take the time to speak to you and allow you to present to them. Your attitude is like your sign, for example, McDonalds always has the biggest, tallest and most recognisable sign. The better your attitude, the better the results you will see if you do not have the right attitude then you will not get enough people to take the time to look at your promotion.
Your territory is not the area; it is the people in the area.
Prioritise the people you speak to and the time you spend with the positive people. Having fun will help your attitude. All these factors can help to maximize your Law of Averages.
A no is a no. It doesn’t matter if its long, short, nice, rude, not qualified, doesn’t have time, signed up already etc. It is all the same and has no effect on your day unless you allow it to affect your belief in the law of averages.
The No’s may change in form to any of the above depending on the territory, but the positive people, your Yes’s and these are all the same. A Yes just says Yes. That’s all we need.

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