Should You Consider MTF Bottom Surgery in India?

MTF (male-to-female) surgery is also known as vaginoplasty or gender confirmation surgery. It is a surgical procedure that involves constructing female genitalia for individuals who were assigned male at birth.
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What is MTF bottom surgery?
The involves the creation of a neovagina, which is a new vaginal opening using the existing genital tissue.
The surgeon removes the penis and the testicles and uses the existing skin and tissues to create the labia minora and labia majora. The skin of the scrotum may also be used to create the vaginal lining.
The neovagina is usually around 6-7 inches deep, and a dilator is used post-surgery to prevent the vaginal walls from narrowing or healing shut. The patient will need to use the dilator for several weeks to months after the surgery to maintain the depth of the vagina.
What makes MTF bottom surgery good in India?
MTF bottom surgery is a complex and highly individualized procedure that requires careful consideration and planning.
It involves a range of surgical techniques, and the exact procedure may vary depending on the patient's individual needs having experienced surgeons and medical teams like that available in India throughout the process ensures the best possible outcome.
The cost of MTF surgery in India can be significantly lower than in the United States yet the costs can vary depending on the surgeon, , and the type of procedure performed.
Cost comparison chart
Table 1
Cost in the USA
Cost in India
Total savings
MTF bottom surgery
There are no rows in this table
Other reasons to choose India over the USA are -
Gender reassignment surgery in India can be more affordable than in many other countries. This can make it more accessible to individuals who may not have the financial means to undergo the surgery in the first place.
India has many skilled surgeons who are experienced in handling pre and post-gender reassignment surgery procedures.
Top hospitals in India offer support groups and resources for those undergoing such complex procedures. These groups can offer guidance and assistance throughout the gender reassignment process and ensure an easy transition to your desired identity.
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