Who made the Samsung ringtone?

The iconic Samsung ringtone, known as "Over the Horizon," was initially composed by a South Korean musician named Joong-sam Yun. This distinctive melody has become synonymous with Samsung devices and serves as the default ringtone on numerous smartphones. First introduced in 2011, the composition aimed to evoke a sense of anticipation and optimism, aligning with Samsung's brand image.
Over the years, Samsung has periodically refreshed the ringtone with new arrangements to coincide with the release of their flagship devices. The company collaborates with various artists and arrangers to give the tune a fresh and contemporary feel while maintaining its recognizable core melody. This approach reflects Samsung's commitment to innovation and adaptability in both technology and auditory aesthetics.
Samsung Csengőhang.jpg
The "Over the Horizon" ringtone has become more than just a default alert sound; it represents a sonic emblem of Samsung's global presence. Its soothing yet uplifting notes are designed to create a positive and recognizable audio signature for users. Joong-sam Yun's original composition has thus evolved into a cultural symbol, showcasing the fusion of technology and artistic expression in the world of mobile devices.
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