Crystal Li

Software Engineer based in San Francisco, CA • (813) 454-2973 • •

Coda, San Francisco • Software Engineer 03/2022 - Present
Worked on Publishing Team responsible for document sharing experience including discovery, accessibility, and interactions.
• Led a growth project to increase sign-ups to Coda from affiliate partner Docs by 10% using Typescript and React.
• Designed the User experience and implemented the React frontend along with the API architecture using openAPI for Coda docs to be hosted on a Custom Domain.
• Added analytics to the user admin experience allowing users to gain insight into their growth margins, increased analytics page usage by 5%.
Amazon, San Jose • Software Engineer intern 05/2021 - 07/2021
Worked on AWS EC2 Azoth Team tasked with extracting .net dependencies to enable migration into AWS cloud.
• Developed an end-to-end system with a GUI interface to automate and better manage deployment dependencies by extracting .net dependencies, creating deployment artifacts, and then deploying them into AWS cloud.
• Led to a 15% decrease in User error paths
Amazon, San Jose • Software Engineer intern 05/2020 - 07/2020
Worked on AWS EC2 Virtual Machine responsible for preparing AWS environment with appropriate permissions so locally hosted VM is accessible once imported into AWS.
• Decreased operational tickets by 35% via creating an internal tool to de-duple similar errors for the Virtual Machine team
• Increased Virtual Machine onboarding visibility with failure metrics embedded into the codebase.
PagerDuty, Atlanta • Infrastructure intern 01/2020 - 04/2020
Worked on core web hook Infrastructure team that sent over 1.5 million webhooks/day and powers PagerDuty’s essential Slack Integration
• Helped migrate the Internal webhook API built to a more resilient data model that facilitated async communication between micro-services using Ruby on Rails and Elixir.
• Upgraded the Dynamodb database of web hook pairings to an atomic counter for more accurate date storage and optimized python retry algorithm
Skills: Node JS, Angular, Sanity, Typescript, React, PostgreSQL, Express, Java, Python, Elixir, Ruby, Figma, OpenApi, Git, Mocha, backend, frontend, fullstack

Bachelors in Science • Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta Graduation Year (2017 - 2021) GodBold Scholarship, Ford Scholarship
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