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3rivers4learning - The Final Individual Research to Practice Video - How to Upload

As you are aware, the 3rivers4learning program is focussed on the development of the leadership capacity of you and your team. Over the holidays I have enjoyed reading the 3rivers4learning Final Individual Research to Practice papers. So many people that I have spoken to, have told me that this process has provided a useful scaffold for their team to reflect on, and consider new learning, about leadership and the impact of their team.
When we connect for our final seminar for the 3 Rivers 4 Learning program on Tuesday 12 October, there will be an opportunity for your team to present the impact of the key aspects of your team’s learning from the program. Your learning, as articulated within The Final Individual Research to Practice activity, will inform your school team presentation. Your presentation will address the following points:
What we have learnt.
The research that has informed our learning.
The actions we have taken and will take as a result of our learning.
The impact our learning will have on our teaching and student learning.
The video should be prepared and ready to upload by Friday 8 October.

Video Upload Process

We are using Flipgrid as a tool to upload the video. This will allow the video responses to be shared across the schools safely and privately. The process is shown in 3 videos. Neil Lavitt - Principal at Cronulla South Public School has created 3 short YouTube video to show you how to get into the Flipgrid

1. Logging into Flipgrid

The link for the Flipgrid is:

Note that you cannot login with anything other than your school account or your school Google account

2. Changing your profile name to reflect your school name

When you initially login your profile name will be set to your own name. In fact it is often a combination of your initials and surname. So that the video can be identified to your school better, can you please change your profile name to your school. If one of your team is doing this then they will change their profile name.

3. Adding the video project

You’ll have created the project in a video program and produced a mov or mp4 file to upload. As Ann mentions this should be no longer than 5 minutes and address the questions. The video below shows how to upload.
Want to print your doc?
This is not the way.
Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
) instead.