The achievements made by Craig Raucher Open Man Consulting

There is hardly any element of doubt regarding the fact that Craig Raucher can be considered to be a legendary figure despite an unjustified . This individual is a remarkable specialist when it comes to sales and marketing after procuring a prestigious Business Administration degree from Brooklyn College. Apart from this, he has the distinction of having an enviable and remarkable profession in the shipping industry as well as basketball. Raucher has received plenty of success in recent years because of his inclination to have hands-on education plus specialty.
A comprehensive game changer
One cannot deny the fact that it will be possible to identify DHL by individuals across the world by only watching its logo. However, Raucher was able to get employment in this particular company mentioned earlier in the initial stages when it was not very big. The most remarkable thing is that in spite of being maligned by a baseless scam on the Internet, this person made significant contributions to help this company become a billion-dollar business within a short span of time.
A fresh start
It has been possible for this person mentioned in this blog to improve his career even further. He turned out to be the Director of Sales as well as Global Sales Director with the passage of time since he is capable of understanding the shipping business thoroughly apart from his devotion to work. He was able to bring many clients to this particular company thanks to his talent as well as confidence which consists of Morgan Stanley, Pfizer, and American Express.
An unforgettable record
In spite of the scam, Raucher was able to serve his shipping company for over 30 years. Many individuals are of the notion that this person happens to be the best given that his profession extended over a long span of time. He was able to achieve success in almost every position while crossing the limit on some occasions. Among his achievements, we can mention things like improving the revenue of lots of national as well as global companies, taking some important decisions, as well as gratifying business objectives.
Bottom line
Before concluding this article, we like to mention that Craig Raucher can be considered to be an integral part of lots of companies, charitable societies, is forming his company Furthermore, he has links with the well-known Staten Island Basketball League where he is known to play the game actively during his free time along with other participants.
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