Craig Raucher – A man with a vision

Craig Raucher is a sort of person who was inspired by the transportation and shipping department to a great extent. He procured employment with DHL Airways after getting a degree in the year 1975 in Business Administration from Brooklyn College. He was accountable for the company to become recognized as a leading global courier service thanks to his efficient performance as well as dedication.
Craig Raucher.jpg
Achievements made by him
Raucher was General Manager and Vice President of the Skynet Worldwide Express at one particular point during his lifetime. He was accountable for transforming the company into a multimillion enterprise from scratch with a comprehensive knowledge of business and adequate experience as well. He became renowned in the transportation department because of this achievement besides forming his own company named . He likewise became reputed in the department of sales, and marketing, as well as operational infrastructure for supporting the departments of international and domestic air freight as well as trucking. He also succeeded in achieving many other things during his journey as a successful and sincere person. Raucher also excelled in the import and export sector. He became General Manager and Senior Vice President of a new company and expanded it to a multimillion enterprise within only 11 years.
A devout sportsperson
Besides forming his reputed company , Craig Raucher was likewise an ardent fan of basketball. He is addicted to this game from the bottom of his heart and he was also the Brooklyn Basketball League commissioner where sportsmen between the ages of 30 and 40 years took part in basketball games for depicting their passion for this game in the best possible way. All these things surely make Raucher a passionate sportsman and he is also a successful businessman in his own rights thanks to all his achievements done by him.
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