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Export Tables Pro

Upload to Google Sheets

By combining the Export formula from the Export Tables Pro pack (or the Export Tables pack) with the UploadToGoogleDrive formula from the pack, you can upload your tables directly from Coda to Google Drive. This can be done in a button or an automation. For more information on the Export to Google Workplace pack, visit the doc.
Required Parameters
There are 2 required parameters for this formula:
account : The Google account you want to use (automatically populated by Coda once your account is connected)
fileUrl : The URL of the table you want to upload. It can either be the URL generated by the Export formula from the Export Tables Pro pack or an xlsx/csv attachment in Coda
Optional Parameters
There is 1 optional parameter for this formula:
nameForUpload : Include this if you want to customize the name of your uploaded file. If omitted, your table name or original file name will be used
fileUrl* : Export( tableName* :
, fileType* :
, includeImages :
, lastUpdated :
nameForUpload :

Upload to Google Sheets
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