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Email Table

The SendAsEmailAttachment action formula lets you send a table as an email attachment in xlsx or csv format. This formula can be used in a button (like the examples below) or in an automation. The emails come from . If you don’t see it, check your spam folder.


Required Parameters

There are 4 required parameters for this formula:
account : The Coda account you want to use (automatically populated by Coda once your account is connected)
tableName : The name of the table you want to send in your email (ex: “Sample Table”)
fileType : The format of the file in your email attachment. You can choose xlsx or csv
to : The email address(es) you want the email to go to

Optional Parameters

There are 5 optional parameters for this formula:
subject : Include this if you want to set a custom subject for your email. If omitted, it will default to your table name + the date (ex: “Cities - Aug 1, 2022”)
cc : Include this if you want to cc anyone on your email. It can be a single email or a list of emails
from : Include this if you want to set a custom ‘From’ name in your email
includeImages : Set this to true if you want image URLs to be replaced by thumbnails of the images
lastUpdated : Include this if you require all changes up to when you click the “Send Table” button to be included in your emailed table. The value should be Coda’s Modified formula with your table name as the parameter (see button formula for reference). If omitted, changes within the past couple minutes may be missed. ​Note: this parameter doesn’t work for Views or if your table is filtered with an Interactive Filter


tableName* :
fileType* :
to* :

subject :
cc :
from :
includeImages :
lastUpdated :

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