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Robocorp Installation

Quick start installation guide to get your buts running in under 5 minutes
Navigate to the Robocorp website and create a free account
You should be prompted to verify email. Check your inbox to verify your email, the log back into the website.
Once done, navigate back to the website & log in to verify you have an account
After you’ve logged in, please email me and I will share your organizations bot with you
Once you’ve received the invite (should arrive via email), accept it. You should now have access to your organization.

Assistant download

After you’ve accepted the invite and have access to the organization, please navigate to the “assistant” tab and download the robocorp assistant.
When finished, you should be prompted to run the assistant. Click run.
Ensure that you see 3 green checkmarks when you open it. If one is a red checkmark, click the item and go through the steps (Should offer the option to automatically “remap”.
Once done, click “Link to Robocorp”. A window should pop up (should be logged into your newly created account - If not, it may prompt you to log in). Click orange “Link Robocorp assistant” on browser, and it will connect your assistant to the cloud.

Once completed

From there, click “Install assistants” and you should see your organizations bots on the assistant. If the bot is not completed yet/has not been shared with you, you won’t see it.
From this point on, the following are applicable to bringing on new/editing bots:
When a new bot is created and shared with your organization:
All you have to do is click “Install assistant” and install your new bot
When an existing bot is updated:
All you have to do is click “Refresh” to get the most updated version of your bot

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