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Glenigan Bot User Documentation

Overview or project:

The goal of this project was to scrape all saved projects from the , and return all information in a clean & formatted excel sheet. Required fields for scraping can be found here.


Microsoft Excel
Adobe Acrobat
Please ensure that when you hit “ctrl p” on the Glenigan website, the option is set to “Save as Pdf”. If it’s anything else, just click the “Save as pdf” option & hit cancel. It will automatically be saved within the browser.
Glenigan account
Windows computer (Please note - Computer will not be able to be used by a human while the bot is working)
Placement of 2 project folders:
“UiPath” Folder containing the bot, to be placed in the “Documents” Section of your computer (See below). You can tell this is the folder containing the bot by confirming it has a file called “Main” in it.
“UiPath_Results” Folder containing only the scrape results/Login Info is to be placed on the desktop (See below). This is where you’ll navigate to for the end results.

Running the bot:

Method 1 - From the UiPath Assistant (Recommended)

Navigate to your search bar on the bottom left of your windows computer and type in UiPath Assistant (Click)
Ensure you’re logged in - You can verify this by looking for a green dot next to your profile (If not, just click sign in - A window will open up that allows you to log into your account. Once you do, your assistant will automatically be associated with your account).
Navigate to the “Play button” and click it.
All results using this method will appear in the “UiPath_Results” folder on your desktop.
Note - To pause the bot, hit the “play” button again. To stop it completely, hit the button to the right of the play button that resembles a square. See below.

Method 2 - Directly from the “Main” file.

Navigate to the “UiPath” folder within the documents section of your computer.
Double click the main file
Click the dropdown for “Debug File”, and click “Run File”. Be sure to hit “Run File”, not the debug option if you choose to run it this way.
Results will appear in the “UiPath_Results” folder located on your desktop
Note - To stop the bot, hit the stop button located in the same spot as the “Run File”


After every saved project scrape, you’ll end up with 2 results - One sheet that ends in “Final”, and the other that ends in “Final_Clean”
This sheet contains all scraped information, without the hyperlinks/filtering of contact types
Final_Clean (This is the sheet youll want to give to your sales people - The other is mainly for your review incase you feel some contacts may be missed).
This sheet contains all scraped information, including hyperlinks & filtering for contact types.

Things to note:

To allow the bot to properly grab the project search name from Glenigan, the search name must include “-Name” at the end to let the bot know it needs to grab that name. EX: SampleCompanies-10M-20M-Name
This bot will start with the first search, and iterate through each search. Please be aware that it will take a substantial amount of time to get through all the searches. It’s best to run this overnight, or when you expect to be away from your computer for long periods of time.
Each project search will create an excel sheet containing all information scraped. No same project will be scraped twice, as every project will be pushed to the “Master” sheet to prevent duplicates.
If the bot fails to run, please verify that you have OneDrive turned off on your computer. OneDrive is notorious for interrupting the flow of a bot, due to the consistency of things being sucked into the cloud.

Developer Contact Information:

Company: Babybots LLC
Direct Phone: 2817443528

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