Campaigns: Food & Spa

January 2022 Overview

Campaign: Food & Spa - Winter 2022

January 1 - January 31

Day Key

Monday: Motivational Mondays (Women Empowerment quotes)
Tuesday: Turn up Tuesday’s (your music playlist - music to relax, turn up to, chill etc.)
Wednesday: Blog Post
Friday: Foodie Fridays (food & drink suggestions/recipes, food and drink pairing ideas)
Saturday: Sexy Saturdays (couples related material)

January’s Promotions

New Year/New You
The Dream Team package promotion
Launch of new website & services highlights

Week 1: Jan 1 - 8

Social Media Posts:
Saturday, Jan 1: - Happy New Year, Sexy Saturdays, New Year/New You promo
Sunday, Jan 2: - CROSS BRANDING, announcement of new services + new site, New Year/New You promo
Monday, Jan 3: Motivational Mondays, New Year/New You,
Tuesday, Jan 4: Turn up Tuesday’s, New Year/New You,
Wednesday, Jan 5: Blog Post, New Year/New You,
Thursday, Jan 6: Thirsty Thursday, , New Year/New You
Friday, Jan 7: Foodie Fridays, New Year/New You,
Saturday, Jan 8: Sexy Saturdays, , New Year/New You
Blog Posts:

Week 2 : Jan 9 - 15

Social Media Posts:
Sunday 1/9/22 - CROSS BRANDING,
Monday 1/10/22 - Motivational Mondays
Tuesday 1/11/22 - Turn up Tuesday’s
Wednesday 1/12/22 - Blog Post,
Thursday 1/13/22 - Thirsty Thursday
Friday 1/14/22 - Foodie Fridays
Saturday 1/15/22 - Sexy Saturdays

Blog Posts:
Topic 1

Week 3 : Jan 16 - 22

Social Media Posts:
Sunday 1/16/22 - CROSS BRANDING,
Monday 1/17/22 - Motivational Mondays,
Tuesday 1/18/22 - Turn up Tuesday’s
Wednesday 1/19/22 - FOOD & SPA: (cross promotions),
Thursday 1/20/22 - Thirsty Thursday
Friday 1/21/22 Foodie Fridays
Saturday 1/22/22 - Sexy Saturdays

Blog Posts:
Topic 1

Week 4 : Jan 23 - 29

Social Media Posts:
Sunday 1/23/22 - CROSS BRANDING,
Monday 1/24/22 - Motivational Mondays
Tuesday 1/25/22 - Turn up Tuesday’s
Wednesday 1/26/22 - HAIR PLAY (cross promotions),
Thursday /27/22 - Thirsty Thursday
Friday 1/28/22 - Foodie Fridays
Saturday 1/29/22 - Sexy Saturdays

Blog Posts:
Topic 1

Week 5 : Jan 30 - 31

Social Media Posts:
Sunday, Jan 30 - Kids Entertainment Activities, kids party promo
Monday, Jan 31 - Motivational Mondays

Blog Posts:
Topic 1


New, New Year, New Start
#new #newyear #newstart

Content Outline: What I Need From You

File Requirements: Photo’s should be in jpeg, jpg or png file format. Videos should be mp4, wmv, or mov file format. Any content containing text should be sent in a word document format.

Week 1

Task: Add 5 - 10 songs to your Spotify Playlist (any songs that you choose)
Your Spotify Link is: TBA
What is the name of your playlist? _____________________________________________
What genre of music does your playlist consist of? ______________________________________
Give a brief description of your playlist (1-3 sentences) ________________________________________
Due: Thursday, January 6, 2022
Task: Create a apricot inspired drink for , . Type out your recipe, take 5 -10 photos and 1 video.
Due: Thursday, January 6, 2022
Upload Link: ______

Week 2

Task: Do a hot food challenge with someone OR partner w/ Smiley to create a temporary menu item that is available for a limited time (the remaining of the month) that is hot & spicy for
Due: Tuesday, January 13, 2022
Upload Link: ____
Task: Recreate your favorite pie recipe OR find a local bakery that is interested in doing cross promotions for . This can be done by offering to carry/offer their product for the remaining of the month and in return they would refer business to F&S during the remaining of the month. Each time a referral books F&S would purchase a pie from the bakery.
Due: Tuesday, January 13, 2022
Upload Link: ____

Week 3

Task: Stage the loft for a valentines day themed promotion . Create 2 scenarios. 1 where it is a couples valentines day retreat and the 2nd should consist of a friends valentines day hangout. Take 5 - 10 pictures of each scenario (total of 10-20 pictures) and 2 - 3 videos (total of 4-6 videos - videos can be visuals only and does not need to include audio. videos should be at least 30 seconds long but shouldn’t exceed 20 minutes).
Due: Tuesday, January 13, 2022
Upload Link: ____

Week 4

no items

Week 5

no items

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