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Copilot: Zoom App Documentation


Copilot is a real-time voice activated playbook. You create and manage content (“Copilot cards”) in the web-based content management system (CMS), and then watch as they come up in real-time based on voice-activated cues on your Zoom calls.
Here’s how to use Copilot:
Web Application
Step 1: Log into your Web Application as follows: Go to > Click on Login > enter your email and password
You should then see a screen that looks as follows as the top bar:
Now, you can perform the following actions:
Create New Card: Navigate to “Match Cards” in the top bar (you will by default be in “Match Cards”). Then, click on the purple button on the the left which says “Create new card”. You should then be taken to this screen:
Follow the instructions in each section of the screen above, and click Save card at the bottom right once you are finished. You have now created a Copilot card!
2. Invite New Users to the Platform: Navigate to “Team Management’ in the top bar. You can then add users along with their permissions (Admin - can add and remove other users, Editor - can edit cards but not manage users, Viewer - can only view cards)
3. Edit Cards: Navigate to the card you want to edit > Click on the three dots to the top right of the card > click on edit card. You will now be able to edit the card
4. Delete Cards: Follow the procedure for “edit card”. Then scroll to the bottom and click on the red button titled “Delete Card” on the left.
5. View Cards: Follow the procedure for “edit card”. You will be able to see a preview of the card on the right hand side of the screen.
Desktop Application
When you start a Zoom meeting, Copilot should start up automatically. When anyone in the meeting says a trigger word or phrase, the Copilot card corresponding to that trigger word or phrase will automatically turn up. You don’t have to do anything. You can also expand the card and dismiss the card, as well as expand any minimize card sections, as shown below.

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