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Zoom App Documentation
Copilot: Zoom App Documentation


The two most common issues we see are as follows:
A: Zoom permissions not set to allow live streaming to Copilot
How to diagnose this issue:
When you start a Zoom call, you should see a red sign at the top left which says “Live on <organization name> call notes” (see below for example):
If this does not appear, it is very likely that your Zoom permissions are not set correctly.
How to fix:
Make sure to follow the instructions under Installation > 1. Update Zoom Settings to allow Live Streaming
B: Integration with the wrong Zoom account
This happens most often when you are logged into a different Zoom account in your browser from the one you use for meetings through your Zoom desktop application.
How to diagnose:
Navigate to in your default browser (usually Chrome or Safari for most users)
Note the email address you are logged in with
Navigate to
Search for the Copilot application. If you find it, you can confirm that Copilot is integrated with the Zoom account you are logged in with (i.e., the email address in b))
Open your Zoom desktop application
Note the email address you have active in the Desktop application (top right corner)
If the email addresses in b) and f) are different, that means that Copilot is integrated with a Zoom account different from the one that you use for Zoom meetings.
How to fix this issue:
Follow the steps under Uninstallation > Deleting Zoom integration
Log out of your Zoom account in your default browser
Log into the correct Zoom account in your default browser (the same one as your Zoom desktop application)
Quit the Copilot Desktop application and restart it
You should be prompted to Integrate with Zoom. Follow the instructions under Installation > 4. Sign into the desktop app and complete your Zoom integration.
Once you’re done with the Zoom integration, start a Zoom call from the Zoom desktop application to test whether Copilot is working properly.
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