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Copilot: Zoom App Documentation


Update Zoom Settings to allow Live Streaming: Before accepting the invite to Copilot in your email, you must allow live-streaming as a setting in Zoom.
To do this, log into your Zoom account ( and navigate to Settings> In Meeting (Advanced) > Allow live streaming of meetings
Alternatively, log into your Zoom account (, navigate to Settings and search (Cmd+F for Mac or Ctrl+F for Windows) for “livestreaming”
b. Turn on “Allow livestreaming of meetings” and check off the box which says ‘Custom Live Streaming Service”. You do not need to fill out the text box below “Custom Live Streaming Service”. It should look like this:
c. Note that this setting may be locked by your organization’s Zoom administrator. If “Allow livestreaming of meetings” is turned on and “Custom Live Streaming Service’ is checked, then you don’t need to do anything. Otherwise, you need to contact your Zoom administrator to enable these permissions.
2. Accept invite in email: You should have received an invitation to your email address from <> with the title “Welcome to Copilot!”. If not, check your spam folder.
Note that Copilot is not available to sign up for directly from the website today. You must be invited to start using Copilot.
3. Follow sequence of instructions and download Copilot: you will be asked to set up your Copilot credentials, and then taken to a screen where you can download the desktop app appropriate for your OS (Mac/Windows)
4. Sign into the desktop app and complete your Zoom integration:
a. Sign in into your desktop application with the credentials you just created
b. Click on the “Integrate with Zoom” button in the desktop application. This should take you to the browser.
c. You should see a screen which says “Copilot is requesting access to your Zoom account”. Click on authorize (see below):
d. If you see a big purple check mark, you know that your Zoom integration is complete
5. Click on “Use Copilot” in your desktop application. Your installation is now complete! The next time you start a Zoom call, Copilot should automatically start
Follow the Loom videos below if you need additional clarifications on how to install Copilot:

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