Major Differences Between SEO Content Writing And Creative Content Writing

As a novice, you may feel that both the terms can be used interchangeably, but they are quite different from one another. Even though both need a creative approach, you are also required to think strategically and do a lot of research to keep up with the trends to help optimize your search engines.
Here are some of the major differences between creative content writing and SEO content writing.

Clarity Vs, Richness of language

Creative writing follows Iceberg's principle, and it is all about offering implicit hints of the story instead of offering in-depth knowledge. It is based on the belief that the deeper meaning of content should never be presented on the surface, pushing the readers to pay attention to the details between the lines. This form of writing can always be interpreted differently.
But this is not how the work. They use a completely contrasting concept, and that form of writing is all about clarity. Content writing is all about keyword research and the need to create attractive content around it. Unlike creative writing, SEO content writing can't be based on your imagination rather on ambiguities so that everyone who reads it can perceive it effectively.

Content Writing Is Strategic Whereas Creative Writing Is Subjective

Creative content writing offers you an opportunity to express your talent and offer a platform for your imagination to grow. You can write about anything that comes to your mind at that instant. You can choose to write anything from the description of your favourite landscape, depiction of the same situation from different character viewpoints and change history. You can choose to write whatever you like as long as the readers are attracted to it.
On the other hand, SEO content writing is more strategic, and you need to have a solid plan that will offer you the required guidance and keep you on track. The best content writing companies in Delhi start with market research and understand the industry that they need to write about. The next step involves finding and analyzing the major competitors and looking into the marketing strategies for their content. SEO content writing is done to position a service or a business at the top of the search engine, which requires it to be tailored according to the reader's needs.

SEO Content Writing Requires To Be Measured

When clients hire SEO content writers, they do so to see specific results of their work. So it is necessary that you continuously assess the effectiveness of your techniques if you want to work as a content writer. Fortunately, you can find various tools to measure and track the effectiveness of your metrics. Certain metrics like the retention metrics tell how many people come back to your site and whether they find your content valuable. The high bounce rates indicate that your content is not the same as that of other writers. These metrics help to measure the return on investment.

They Have Different purposes.

The main purpose of creative writing and SEO writing is completely different. Creative writing is something you may take up as a hobby or as a primary source of income, and your main aim will be to elicit the readers' emotions. It will be your legacy, and it will outlive you if you make the right impression on the readers.
SEO writing is completely different as the content developer needs to express their client's vision rather than their own, and it is a part of digital marketing. The main idea of SEO writing is that it is simple and attractive, and it pulls in more and more clients to create a trustworthy brand. It involves optimizing your content for the major keywords, which helps to boost the visibility and also gives it a chance to rank higher in the SERPs. It also helps businesses to have an authoritative hold and rise above their competitors.
Conclusively these are some of the major differences between SEO content writing and creative content writing.

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