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Web3 Community Launch Template
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Web3 Community Goals

More than just establishing a web3 community, you must establish a primary goal. Of course, you can have secondary goals, but one of them should be your top priority.

Working side by side with some internal and external stakeholders, conducting good research (asking and listening to get to know your audience well), and collaborating may help to clarify the business's most pressing needs that the community can assist with.
It is critical at this point to align your community goals with your project goals.
Let's look at an example. If you are building a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), it is important to bring people closer and, as a result, some of them may turn into brand advocates, in addition to investing in your DAO.
Attracting brand ambassadors could be a goal for your new web3 community and the reason for its creation, with a secondary goal of attracting investment to the DAO. Other possible objectives include increasing sales, improving retention rates, earning investment, finding business partners, improving employee abilities, and so on.
Since you have an end goal in mind, you could direct community behavior around it by considering what actions and debates you want the members to be involved in.
Calling out your team on opening topics related to your goals is a smart way to do this. Expanding on topics raised by others is also a good practice.
Remember, as well, that creating surveys is a way to engage and orient the web3 community debate. Keep in mind that you must also be transparent. As a result, discovering and communicating your goals to the community is also a good practice.
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