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Web3 Community Launch Template
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SubCommunity Managment

Managing side communities 🌱

As the community grows, smaller organizations focused on certain aspects of the project will emerge. It is critical to manage and monitor these micro-communities in order to keep the overall community health and to stay informed of what is discussed outside the official forums.
Discussion and speculation on price action are recurrently wished for by most token-specific communities. It's important to be clear about member rules, as healthy price talks are generally centered on technical analysis and updated market specs.
Web3 is an ongoing development of how we experience the web. Many members become eager to contribute to the project they're supporting by producing content and media they share with other community members.
Any big enough online community, at some point, comes to life on its own, as long as members find an open place for free interaction. An off-topic chatroom for general conversation is always great to keep members interacting more often and more positively.
Many online communities rapidly evolve to a point where longtime members wish to create their own unofficial outlets. It's good to be aware of these and to keep a direct open relationship with those in ownership.
Unofficial channels are usually a great sign of community/project growth, but they can backfire if their nature is malicious. Spammers, scammers and anti-project users may try to deceive healthy community members, so make sure to keep posted about these groups.
Main Do's & Don't's
Always make sure the online community is aware of all the official community outlets;
Be concise, it's important to have clean permanent general rules, as well as a single narrative for public information;
Be friendly, it's the internet - an easy way to keep it cool & play it nice;
Be there so you may be sure each online moderator's needs are met!
Be verbal, not responsive - even experienced members deserve elaborate answers; also, other passive members might need more information;
Be personal, keep a clean chatroom, and always ask members to send you a private message in order to elaborate more directly;
Do not treat different members unevenly, it's healthier to have the same standard for every occasion;
Do not overreact, strong arguments or long statements sometimes get easily sorted with a generic answer or a short warning - things should never escalate from your end;
Do not over-interact, members with a funny temper get triggered when interrupted or answered immediately after;
Be aware of new members, after all, it's the internet - people are capable of conveying any kind of abuse.
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