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Web3 Community Launch Template
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Community Feedback

As important as providing feedback to community members – answering questions, participating, praising, and being alert if someone breaks the rules – you should also listen to members and value the community.
Establish a feedback routine that includes directly asking members for feedback and promoting polls and satisfaction surveys. We guarantee that you will be surprised by the members' various emotions.
This may ensure the success of the web3 community because feedback reveals what your audience is interested in. In addition, according to a , when brands invite and accept genuine feedback, 77 percent of consumers view them favorably.
Aside from that, community feedback assists in activating brand ambassadors for your business and improving not only the web3 community but also what you could do better on your web3 services and your business model.
A demonstrates this perfectly. It was discovered that 91 percent of consumers believe that companies that solicit feedback improve their innovation. Moreover, community interactions can sometimes replace feedback from service interactions while also increasing engagement.
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