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Ambassador Program

Invest in a brand ambassador program

Once your web3 project is established and your community is growing steadily, it’s time to assess the importance of creating an ambassador program. A brand ambassador is someone who will promote and advocate for your brand. Their role is to embody and defend your company's values, ethics, and identity through thick and thin. Typically, a small percentage of your community will be deeply invested in your project and the ambassador program keeps these members engaged, while also rewarding them for their efforts and dedication.

This topic is so massive that it deserves its own article, but we can share a very barebone program structure:
Community members apply to your program. Usually, there are pre-established roles for members to choose from. For example, content creators and translators are two popular roles.
The jury then selects the members that will join the program. This can be done in several ways, but we suggest mixing both data-driven and open-ended questions in your application process to have a better understanding of each ambassador.
You assign tasks to ambassadors and reward them upon completion.
There are endless possibilities for ambassador programs, such as gamification. leaderboards, referral codes, and so on.
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