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CC Incubator
Harmonic Guidance System

Throat Center

The Throat Chakra governs our communication and self-expression, and is the center for our ability to communicate in a way that inspires and empowers one another, and the world around us. All the energy from other chakras merge here to communicate the expression of our truth through the thoughts, feelings, and ideas of what we are creating.
This chakra is associated with truth, clarity, and responsibility, an initiates us into embracing our originality and unique individual experiences in the world by creating reality through the words that we speak. Understanding that we speak our reality into existence invites us into greater accountability by supporting us in voicing our truth, and to walk consistently in that truth in order to express our thoughts with clarity.
Once the individual and collective visions have been anchored and mapped in the Temple of Harmony, we are beckoned by the universal calling to step into taking accountability for actualizing the visions, through the way of collaborative governance. By speaking into the field how we see ourselves stepping in to take responsibility for stewarding the visions moving forward, we begin to invoke the presence of forming a Council of Light. This is the formation by which we enter into a mode of more sacred and intimate connection with one other, and begin to share the value and level of accountability we can bring forth in order to nurture the emerging seed of creation.
As we assemble into this formation we explore the communications protocols, agreement fields, value exchange, and feedback mechanisms from which we then use to curate our co-creative experience - and in such a way that we can maintain optimal states of harmony throughout the process. All of this information, from mapping the visions to the fundamentals of collaborative governance to the strategic planning of the master plan is documented and stored in the Seed Library of Life - and is referenced as the language of love that we cowrite together in the Book of Light.
Council of Light Takes Form - DAO Creation
Collaborative Governance Is Initiated, Declared, & Mapped (Communications Protocols/ Clarify Agreements Fields / Group Facilitation/ Proposal Methodologies)
Harmonic Reputation System (Collective Intelligence Sensemaking + feedback / Accountabilities)
Harmonic Value Exchange Recognition & Resource Management
The Throat Center is guided by purpose, sustainability, and mindful connection. We specialize in designing authentic Branding Messaging, implementing conscious Marketing strategies, and crafting a Communications framework that aligns with your values, ensuring a harmonious and impactful presence in the digital landscape.
Branding Messaging: Design Brandbook & Multimedia Digital Asset Management System. Design Any Additional Brand Assets Needed.
Marketing: Implement Social Media Management Platform. Assist with Design, Management & Curation of Multimedia Content. Design Marketing Strategy with Roadmap & Multimedia Content.
Communications: Design & Implement Communications Framework. Integrate additional communication software applications as needed.

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