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CC Incubator
Harmonic Guidance System

Third Eye Center

The third eye chakra represents the gateway to higher consciousness and is known as the seat of one's intuition. This energy center governs perception, inner guidance, imagination, higher wisdom, and self awareness. The third eye allows for clear thought, spiritual contemplation, and self-reflection, providing us with a visionary perspective that offers us the ability to consciously create our reality through inspired action - led by our intuitive guidance and imagination.
The mixture of intuitive and creative thinking, dreaming and imagining through exploring the feeling, shape, and tone of possibilities is the seed from which the wisdom of inner knowledge blossoms. This stage initiates us into a state of clairvoyance that arises from our inner guidance, and supports us in being able to trust the inner voice that is assisting to direct our focus towards manifesting our highest potential.
Consciously Concepted facilitates intentional creation fields in the Temple of Harmony where dream councils gather and move through the experience of co-envisioning around a shared purpose together. The Temple of Harmony is our collaboratory for cocreation where we join forces in an activated field of resonance that supports weaving together the magic of our imagination with the higher wisdom of our visionary perspectives. This act of creation is curated by an individual and collective story-mapping process thats assisted by creative tools to further facilitate the grounding of the visions into a Storyboard and Visionbook. Our intention is what sets the conscious direction, while the motivation is what sustains our drive in that direction. This is where we begin to see the emerging storyline speak to the underlining motivations and intentions of our unifying heart field.
Vision/ Dream Council Crystallizes
Anchor & Harness The Field of Resonance - through acknowledging and valuing the very presence and mere act of creation thats always at play
Activate The Intentional Field - Clarify Motivations, Intentions, Goals, & Shared Purpose
Dream Weave - Storymap the Visionary Perspectives: Individual and collective visual story mapping / provided with creative templates and processes for co-visioning and planning
Storyboarding - Ground The Creative Vision Into A Visionbook
The Third Eye Center is awakened by a sequence of curated mapping sessions that tap into and harness the higher wisdom and collective resonance to enhance clarity around the vision. Additionally, we assist in the collaborative design of Visionboards with Storymaps, employing creative templates and processes for co-visioning that visually map the project scope and narratives.
Dream Weave - Facilitate dream weaving sessions to harness the higher wisdom and collective resonance of the field of co-creation in order to crystallize further clarity on how to actualize the vision.
Storyboarding: Design Project Visionboard & Storymap the Visionary Perspectives. Provide creative templates and processes for co-visioning and visual planning of Individual and collective story mapping.
Mindfulness Practices - Facilitate mindfulness practices that open the third eye, the invoke imagination, and embrace clairvoyance—the ability to intuitively gather information through sight and vision.

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