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CC Incubator
Harmonic Guidance System

Solar Center

The Solar Plexus chakra governs our personal power around what we are creating and how we are intentionally creating it. This energy center has much to do with motivation, will power, and purpose. This chakra represents the authentic expression of our creations identity and activates our personal power through self-esteem and confidence.
This stage initiates us into tapping into and recognizing our inherent power as conscious creators through self discovery, and being able to feel empowered in that, by connecting it with a strong sense of purpose in life - that which allows us to gain a deeper understanding of our individual and collective contribution to the greater whole. This enables us to discover who we truly are and empowers us to follow our true path, by having the power to transform our feeling and thought into transformative action. The solar power is also what activates us to step into the role of heart led leadership, and is what gives us the strength to pioneer a more harmonious way towards building an enlightened culture.
Consciously Concepted focuses on the design of AR Multimedia Content, AR Experience Design & Production, and Creator Marketplaces that speaks to our individual and collective higher purpose. This is where our creations come to life through music, technology, art, design, multimedia, & experiences to advance the evolution of consciousness. Through these mediums we are able to fully express our personal and collective ethos while we engage with the greater ascending community, offering our unique gifts and services being channeled from the gateway of the awakened heart.
Branding & Design of Personal & Collective Ethos
Multimedia Content Creation, Management, & Marketing Curation Strategy
AR Experience Design & Production
Decentralized Creator Marketplaces
In the Solar Center, we concentrate on bringing visionary planning and strategic execution together to create clear roadmaps for achieving goals. This involves curating visionary masterminds, leading design sprints, crafting strategic development initiatives, and empowering leadership dedicated to a shared purpose.
Business Development: Curate visionary masterminds and lead strategic planning design sprints to formulate a comprehensive master development plan integrated with a detailed project roadmap and development timeline.
Strategy Project Implementation: Methodically synthesize visionary perspectives derived from design sprints to craft strategic initiatives to support seamless execution of the comprehensive development plan process.
Leadership: Empowering leadership through inspirational guidance to commit even more to the dharmic path, and help to provide a clear roadmap to manifesting the desired outcomes in alignment with a shared purpose.

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