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CC Incubator
Harmonic Guidance System

Root Center

The Root Chakra is associated with the feeling of being supported with a foundation that can assist us to further ground our higher visions and aspirations into the world, while feeling deeply rooted and connected to our Mother Earth. The root governs our connection with the feelings of stability and being able to lay the foundation for expansion in our life.
This stage initiates a deepening into the clarity around restoring our relationship with our Mother planet through reclaiming our power to co-regulate our life force with the mothers unifying heart field of creation. Consciously Concepted has designed a socio-spiritual economic model and a (Co-Fi) conscious finance platform that honors life's natural current-see as sacred through a harmonic current see (currency) exchange - backed by the science of creation.
Alongside the harmonic exchange we provide our network with decentralized business formation, financial management tools, and legal structure based on natural law. This Conscious Business Suite provides insight and tools to to co-regulate, harness, and direct the energy (chi) of our living life force currents that run through the harmonic guidance system of the unifying heart field, and stabilize optimal states of energy that is the key to unlocking the fullness of our innate creative and spiritual power.
Harmonic Value Creation & Conscious Currency Design
Conscious Finance Management
Sovereign Identity Creation
Conscious Business Formation & Sovereign Legal Structure
Harmonic Value Exchange
In the Root Center, we conduct a comprehensive exploration of the foundational pillars that constitute the bedrock of sustainable and purpose-driven enterprises. Our focus is on meticulously lay the groundwork for enduring expansion and growth, fostering the development of a resilient foundation that not only withstands challenges but also thrives in alignment with the principles of nature.
Organizational Structure: Further expand upon the formation of the organizational structure through the design of a living systems framework to meet the growing needs of the regenerative business ecosystem.
Financial Stability: Assist to Implement sustainable financial models with conscious finance management practices for the development of a regenerative business.
Legal & Regulatory Compliance: Establish a hybrid legal structure that complies with both common law and sovereign law.

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