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CC Incubator
Harmonic Guidance System

Heart Center

The Heart Chakra governs one’s sense of trust, peace, generosity, gratitude, connectedness, community, emotional control, and love for oneself and others. This light center is associated with opening the channels of the heart, allowing us to receive and give freely, and is all about being able to deeply connect and relate. The heart represents our connection with other people, compassion, , and your ability to give and receive love.
This stage initiates us to “follow our heart” and to engage in activities that spark love, passion, creativity and joy - giving us the ability to create from what feels like a true reflection of ourselves. This energy center assists us to recognize that everything and everyone is connected. The heart chakra emphasis how we each have a unique contribution to the world and each play a star role thats activated through how we harness our creative power and express it in the world.
The unifying resonance of the heart field is where Consciously Concepted spends time cultivating a deeper sense of community through team building processes that are the driving force behind the strategic planning process, collective sensemaking, and cultivation of group coherence. These visionary heart masterminds is what grounds and curates the creative ideas and concepts into a master plan for project implementation - providing us with a roadmap for birthing our projects and unique expressions into the world. Project and business development templates and toolkits are provided for a more seamless and intuitive process that supports us in maintaining a balance between the mind and heart, while co-visioning, planning, and designing with one another.
Master Plan Visioning & Strategic Planning - Visionary Heart Masterminds & Workshops
Cultivation of Group Heart Coherence Through Collaborative Team Building Processes
Visionary Concept Design & Creative Project Implementation
Project Business Plan Creation - Conscious Business Strategy with Project Roadmaps
Conscious Business Development Project Launchkit
Conscious Innovation, Strategy, Design, & Development
In the Heart Center, we prioritize the cultivation of group harmony through heart-centered team-building processes and upholding ethical practices that contribute to the establishment of a conscious organizational culture. We further extend our focus towards promoting purposeful collaborations and fostering inclusive community involvement aligned with with a purpose-driven objective to making a positive impact on the world.
Team Building: Fostering group harmony through collaborative team building processes with a focus on cultivating group heart coherence, ensuring that team members not only work together efficiently but also resonate on a deeper level.
Community Engagement: Catalyze social network weaving and nurture the wellbeing of it’s relationships through authentic interactions and meaningful connections that cultivate longevity driven by sacred reciprocity. Nurturing inclusive community involvement by promoting purposeful collaborations within the Community.
Organizational Culture: Commit to weaving the threads of compassion and ethical practices to cultivate a conscious organization and community culture that strives to make a positive impact on the world through its heart-driven endeavors. Clarify the principles and practices that will serve as a guide for how to govern our actions and co-creations in right relationship with one another and our mother earth.

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