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CC Incubator
Harmonic Guidance System

Crown Center

The Crown Center governs our connection with the divine and is associated with our connection to spirit, innate inner wisdom, pure awareness, and universal consciousness. This energy center uplifts and inspires us through this feeling of oneness with all life - and as a result, we feel peace, harmony, clarity, meaning and fulfillment. Through this interaction & communication with the universe, one is able to sense inspiration, devotion, union with the higher self, and a deeper meaning to life.
This stage initiates us into a sense of higher purpose through the access of universal knowledge that can enlighten us on how to become a conscious participant in creation, and manifest a more awakened reality through realizing our potential.
Consciously Concepted is synthesizing ancient philosophies that have been accessed over time from this connection into a design science for conscious innovation and evolutionary design that can be found in the Creation Codex. The Codex is a guidebook of blueprints that consist of fundamental frameworks, processes, models, applications, and systems based on the foundations of the science of creation.
Consciously Concepted expands upon this sacred knowledge through its Creation Academy which provides experiential learning and discovery courses, and immersive experiences both online and at physical temple grounds. These higher educational portals are being built to advance the evolution of consciousness and are the gateways to becoming a conscious creator.
Creation Codex: Conscious Creator Guidebook
Creation Academy: Higher Educational Experiential Learning & Discovery Courses
Creation Temples: Higher Educational Experimental Learning & Discovery Centers

The Crown Center serves as the nexus point where universal principles guide the evolution of design processes, unlocking the potential for conscious evolution driven by a higher purpose. Within this center, we offer a refined synthesis of universal knowledge and evolutionary design principles, paving the way for conscious creatorship.
Philosophical Foundations: Delve into the philosophical underpinnings that shape the convergence of universal knowledge and evolutionary design, exploring how ancient wisdom informs modern approaches.
Practical Applications: Explore real-world applications and case studies that showcase how the integration of universal knowledge and evolutionary design principles leads to innovative, purpose-driven solutions across various fields.
Collaborative Exploration: Highlight the collaborative nature of the exploration within this center emphasizing how individuals and communities come together to exchange ideas, contribute insights, and collectively advance the understanding and application of universal knowledge in evolutionary design.

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